Farrellawn Farms


Farrellawn Farms: Farrellawn Farms is family owned and operated.  We have successfully passed the torch from generation to generation and look forward to seeing the next generation participate in the business.

In the beginning:  William E Farrell homesteaded the dairy and crop farm.  Sheep, hogs, chickens and other animals had their place on the farm.  Horses were used to provide power for the farm equipment.  The farm was handed down to Purnell Farrell and John Farrell.   Purnell broke and trained horses on the farm.  He also trained "trick" horses and kept over 400 head of livestock, including horses, ponies, cattle and sheep on the farm.  John ran a livery stable and blacksmith shop on the farm, as well as maintaining livestock.  John died from a horse kick during shoeing when his son, Wm. Frederick (Freddie), was 15. years old.  Together Freddie and Purnell Farrell owned and maintained the top producing Jersey herd on test for two years in the region.  As Freddie became more involved we begin to see the horses take their place in the show ring.  Freddie specialized in producing top notch geldings.  In the mid 1960's his Belgian gelding was Grand Champion at the National Belgian Show and later Grand Champion at the Canadian Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  Fred sold the first draft horse to ever top $1000 at auction at the Indianapolis sale.  Together with his son, Berry, Freddie raised another Toronto Champion gelding.  We see some amazing transformations with the next generations. 

Berry Farrell: Berry, who took over after Freddie, grew up farming with horses and saw the evolution from horse powered equipment to tractors.  He has been called old-fashioned and quoted as saying he would not allow a tractor on the land he farmed and owned.  He served in the United States Air force as the stable Sergeant taking care of the horses.  Berry milked Guernseys, kept sheep, ponies and horses.  Berry has judged many horse shows as well.  Berry spent many years managing the Budweiser Clydesdale Breeding Farm in St. Louis, MO.  While managing the breeding farm Berry would travel to Scotland to hand pick horses from the birth place of the Clydesdale.  Berry is featured in the movie and book "All The King's Horses".   Berry is the only draft horseman to be inducted into the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show Hall of Fame.  In 2004  Berry was inducted into the Clydesdale Hall of Fame.  All of his children, Phil, Lynn and Lou, participated in farming.  Lynn and his son Rhett milked and showed Guernseys and kept horses and ponies on his farm.  Lou kept ponies and horses on her farms as well.  We feel his greatest accomplishment was being the most outstanding father, grandfather and great grandfather.  We miss you Papa! 

Phil Farrell: Phil grew up around all aspects of farming and livestock.  He has milked and showed Guernseys, Simmetals, Boer Goats, sheep, horses, ponies and Clydesdales.  He also spent time managing the Budweiser Clydesdale Breeding Farm in St. Louis, MO.   Phil has served on the board of the Draft Horse and Mule Association and The Clydesdale Breeders Of The United States.  Phil has lent his expertise in horsemanship as a judge in horse shows around the country.  He has judged various draft horse, driving pony, fine harness, draft pony and mule classes around the country.  His judging appearances include two National Shire Shows, the Regional Clydes and Shire Shows, All Breeds Extravaganza,  The Denver, Louisville and Florida horse shows, over 40 state fairs and countless area shows.   Phil is an accomplished speaker; speaking at Universities, Expos and Events throughout the nation. Under Phil's direction the family farm has grown into a flourishing business with a client list that includes George Foreman, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, Charlotte Weber (Campbell Soup heiress and owner of Live Oak Plantation), Dixie Stampede, and Shepard of the Hills,  just to name a few.   Phil has also developed a strong, worldwide export business.


Rhett Farrell, Mark Farrell and Melissa Hughes:  Rhett, Mark and Melissa were on horses before they could walk on their own.  They have participated in horse shows, parades and schools with the horses and livestock and work on various projects associated with the farm.

Farrell Hughes, Tyler Farrell and Phyree Hughes:  We can't wait to see what this generation has in store for us!   They have a natural affection for livestock and love being on the farm.